Global Biomass Per Taxa

Boids: Rules for Flocking and Schooling Behavior

Wolfgang and Nannerl Mozart, c. 1763

Observable Universe

Various Javascript

Tone Generator (javascript)

Javascript: Conway's Game of Life

Javascript Computer Vision
SIFT, Sparse Codes, Max Pooling
The Visual Cortex of the Brain
SIFT, Sparse Codes, Max Pooling
Classic Memory Paper
Gaussian Process Resources
Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning

Benford's Law - Digit frequency

Bilinear Spatiotemporal Basis Model

Strobe Illusion

Canadian Wireless Spectrum Allocation

Radio Broadcast (CISM 89.3) of Childishness (42:30)

Standford Bunny

Mayan Numerals: Mayan Numerals (base 20)

Place Cursor On Image To See Local 3D Effect
(may take time to load images or gifs may freeze - patience)


Slice Drop: Javascript visualization

Support Vector Machine Regression


Immortal life

Scriptio Continua

Quicksort movie

The Garbleator

Online University Education

Ancient Philosopher Timeline

Debt clock


Rhythm DNA

Moravec thesis

Fossil foods

<-Ptolemy vs. Copernicus->

Simple LASSO description

Some brain philosophy

Most frequent google search results for letters of the alphabet, April 14 2009.

Scale in the universe

Nice list of vision papers and code.

Open source audio.

Journal Imapact Factors

Projective Geometry

History of Geometry

Low German


MFJ Parkinson's Site

Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Computer Vision: research groups.

Thesis Submission.

Thesis submission forms.

Easy RGB colour conversion.

Neurographics - sulcal info.

Pascal object recognition.

Visual processing blurb.

Open GL Development

Perl Strings

Harvard Whole Brain Atlas


Perspective Transform.

Learning in honey bees

Mathematical Models in Computer Vision and Image Processing

Some interesting articles.

David Hubel's book

Encyclopedia for music, math...

Japanese<>English dictionary

Oxford Saliency Page speakers).


Nouvelles Vagues

Pepe Deluxe

Sound Spectrograms

The Aye-Aye

Craig Kelly

Stan Li - Markov Random Field Modelling in Image Analysis

Computer Science Colloquium

Lindeberg Scale Space

Quebec Graffiti

Structures and Algorithms



CVPR November 13/20, 2008

IPMI January 12, 2009

ISBI January 19, 2009

ICCV March 10, 2009

MICCAI March 8, 2009


ECCV 2008 March 17th, 2008

MICCAI 2008, dealine: March 7, 2008.

CVPR 2008November 26, 2007


ICCV 2007, deadline: April 10, 2007.

MICCAI 2007, dealine: March 19, 2007.

IPMI 2007, deadline: January 26, 2007.

CVPR 2007, deadline: December 3, 2006.

ICCVS 2007, deadline: October 10, 2006.


MICCAI 2006, deadline: March 10, 2006.

Canadian Computer and Robot Vision Conference, deadline: February 10, 2006.

MMBIA 2006, deadline: January 29, 2006.


ICPR 2006, deadline: December 15, 2005.

CVPR 2006, deadline: November 7, 2005.

ECCV 2006, deadline: September 26, 2005.

Computational Vision in Neural and Machine Systems, June 15-18 2005.

ICCV2005 Vision Contest

Montreal-Toronto Computer Vision Workshop, June 1-32005.

EMMCVPR, submission May 1, 2005.

Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention 2005, submission April 11, 2005.

British Machine Vision Conference 2005, submission Aprill 11, 2005.

International Conference on Computer Vision 2005, submission March 14, 2005.

Canadian Conference on Computer and Robotic Vision 2005, submisison January 31, 2005.

Information Processing in Medical Imaging 2005, submission February 25, 2005.

Vladimir Kolmogorov and Graph Cuts

Fly pen

Perl examples>/a>

Montreal clubs


Dr. Robot