(A partial list of projects)

Image Analysis using 3D Scale-invariant Features

Alignment of Medical Images

Medical Image Classification

Detecting and Classifying the Human Face from Arbitrary Viewpoints

Tracking liver motion over the breathing cycle

Line detection in 3D

Line detection in 2D

Tracking human gaze with webcam

Tracking hand-held laser with webcam

Face detection in video in a browser

Face detection in photos on a webserver

Music and Photography Web collage

Music beat and tempo detection

Counting faces in real-time video, upload to web analytics

Video stabilization

Automatic graphical effects on face images: geometrical deformations, aging, warping

Learning to detect face parts

Free hand ultrasound mapping and navigation

Feature-based image retieval

Natural image segmentation

Person tracking system using a stereo camera

Vision system for a soccer-playing robot dog

Image rectification system on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) using VHDL

MPEG and JPEG codec implementation in firmware