McGill University

  • Lecture: Local Features (SIFT-Rank) and Kernel Density Estimation

    Concordia University

  • Lecture: Medical Image Analysis in the Age of Big Data

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology: HST 582 Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

  • Lecture 1: Image Segmentation
    Lecture Notes

    McGill University: ESCE 626 Statistical Methods in Computer Vision

  • Lecture 1: Modeling Appearance in Image Sets
  • Lecture 2: Scale-invariant Features: Extraction and Matching
  • Lecture 3: Detecting 3D Objects from Arbitrary Viewpoints

    Harvard Medical School: National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NAMIC)

  • Workshop Session 2012: Difficult Image Registration
    Challenge data

  • Workshop Session 2008: MR-US Image Registration for Image-Guided Therapy.