About Me:

I am a researcher with a PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. My passion is solving open problems in the analysis of sound, photography, video and medical image data. My work makes use of geometry, probability theory and information theory, and I implement and test algorithms primarily in software. From 2009-2015 I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Surgical Planning Laboratory of the Harvard Medical School. I am currently an associate professor of engineering at the Ecole de Technologie Superieure in Montreal, Canada.

Languages :

C++, C, Perl, Python, ActionScript (Flash), Javascript, Java, 8086 Assembly, HTML(5), Matlab, VHDL, Scheme, Visual BASIC, Pascal

Libraries and Systems :

OpenCV, ITK, MySQL, OpenGL, WebGL, FFmpeg, jpeglib, SSE, OpenMP, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), TCP/IP, UDP, Visual C++

Keywords :

Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Probability Theory, Information Theory

Recent :

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Quebec Science - Machine Learning and Jackson Pollock

Nature Scientific Reports - Studying Autism in brain MRI

Elected Oral Presentation: Big Data, Medical images IPMI 2015

Project: National Alliance for Medical Image Computing 2014, Neurological Image Navigation: 3D Slicer, Leap Motion control

Feature-based Analysis code on Sourceforge